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The particular business activity started by MF Compositi in 2011 concerns the machining of innovative materials and products for the sector of design furniture.

The Solid Surface treatment (which comes from the USA and/or the Far East) involves a wide variety of materials and is one of the industrial processes performed by the company.

The partnership with Bruno Fattorini&Partners has enabled MF Compositi to avail itself of a licence for a patent covering processes for the machining of extra large panels featuring millimetric thicknesses and physical-mechanical qualities that permit the design, machining and production of surfaces for table tops and flat furniture components for the world of Design.
To encourage this business cooperation, MF Compositi has increased its productivity by buying state-of-the-art industrial machinery to machine the Solid Surface and to thermoform the material and has extended its production lines to manufacture internal frames (made of aluminium, steel and carbon).
The latest innovation of MF Compositi was presented at the Exhibition in Cologne in 2012 (and will be presented once again at the Furniture Exhibition in Milan).

HD Light Cement is a surface finishing treatment that can be applied to different types of material (wood, aluminium, steel and glass). This type of industrial process provides the surface with a "spatula finish" consisting of a compound of "real cement" which distinguishes itself from other compounds on the market as it is not mixed with other resins, but is 100% pure.

The purity of the compound provides treated surfaces with the opaque and compact effect of cement without any variations in the thickness or weight.

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