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Solid surface: material consisting of aluminium powder, available in many different colours

The seams are practically invisible and this allows the production of almost unlimited sizes. This characteristic is appreciable especially for the construction of panels in composite material that can reach extraordinary dimensions and provide exceptional performance.

The solid surface that we import from Asia or from the USA is used in the household sector for kitchens (tops and coverings for doors and casings), furniture and tables, baths, washbasins and cabinets, and for industrial use, in building work as a material for covering fašades or for special decorations by thermoforming the material, or for operating theatres (walls) in hospitals. It is also used for public areas, airports, cruise ships and shopping centres.

Composites: structures in steel, aluminium, carbon, polyurethane, covered in different materials such as solid surface, hpl, laminates or aluminium for use in the furniture industry, wood and allied products.

Composite materials are the result of a three-dimensional combination of at least two materials which differ from each other, with a dividing interface.

The resulting combination boasts different physical and mechanical properties that are usually better than those of the individual materials used to form it.

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